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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bluebells, Butterfly on a Bluebell-end, and a Newt...

While the bluebells are in full bloom, after much delay, I thought I would post a few bluebell photos. Some are from a recent trip to Ashridge with Ian the Whipsnade warden. The wood here is renowned for their bluebells. And quite right too!

Ashridge Woods

And what is a visit to woodland without an attempt at some blurry shots... 

Capturing the mood of the place and all that photographer's spiel... Who really cares!? It is either a good photo, or a load of crap. Whether it took a minutes work, or hours or days...

Semi-blurry, semi-moody, semi.

And the following is what happens when Rachael gets involved with the editing! Despite looking completely unnatural, I actually quite like it...


After! The artist within.

 A small white butterfly, clumsily lounged around in the back garden one early morning. Shame the end of the bluebell it is perched belongs to the non-native species.

Small white on a Bluebell-end

Close-up: Small white

Sky and Haz joined me for a stroll around the bluebell woods in Chrishall...

Sky charging through the bluebells

Bells of blue

After helping out on great-crested newt surveys in Marston, and surveying new ponds in the area for the GCN project, and having no luck with any amphibians what-so-ever, it was a bit of a surprise to find this little critter at the top of our pond-less garden.

Juvenile smooth newt

I love newts! Cracking little animals, with a wonderfully interesting life-cycle. Hatching from eggs with gills to absorb oxygen, metamorphosing into air-breathing miniature versions of their adult form, and then growing into handsome adulthood. This guy looked like a juvenile smooth newt. Wonderful.

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  1. Lovely photos Tom. I like your experiments with blurry photos - especially the semi-blurry one.